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Briar Pipe Repairs - Our Services
All Pipe Repairs Include A Courtesy Ream And Polish!

Pipe Repair Prices

Stems hard rubber 15.00 - Ex large 18.00

Dunhill style stem fish tail white dot 35.00

Twin bore (if available) 15.00

Meerschaum stem lucite $18.00, Fancy $20.00 (No bakelite)
Plus Price of Push Pull Set If Needed!

Lucite (clear,white,black,pearlized, colors) 18.00

Fancy free hand danish style hard rubber 18.00, Lucite $20,00

Wellington military mount hard rubber 18.00, Lucite 20.00

Convert EA Carey magic inch to regular push in stem just price of stem

Peterson system (no logo) (if available) 30.00

Peterson Std stem (no logo) (if available) 25.00

Church warden 7 to 8 inch small sizes hard rubber 18.00

Church warden conversion $10.00 (Plus price of stem)

Bend stems 1.50

Bamboo Shanks repaired $15.00 and up

Repair cracked shanks with band band nickle silver 15.00
extra large or long 20.00

Band sterling silver 20.00 & Up

Bone screw 8.00
Remove Bone Screw 10.00 and up.

GBD or Jobey ect. metal logos transfer to new stem $5.00

Delrin Tenon fitted in Stem 15.00

Mortice sleeve Briar or Delrin $15.00

Bowl Coating to prevent burnout $10.00

Jobey links installed $15.00

Savinelli 6mm or 9mm Balsa filter Tenon installed $15.00

Dunhill White Dot or Savinelli Brass Dot 8.00

Charatan CP logo stem stamp 5.00

Have a lot of savinelli parts, tenons, spacers, ect.
Pipe Repair Prices

5/32nd airway drilled for better draw 5.00

Shorten shank and square 10.00

Broken shank rejoined inner tube 15.00 and up

Top off bowl flatten shorten 10.00

Refinish pipe bowl sand stain wax polish 20.00 and up

Shank extension rubber or lucite 10.00

Plug hole in bowl heel briar plug 15.00 and up.

Fill cracks 10.00

Ream,cut cake, open airway clean & Polish 7.50

Polish tighten stem 5.00

Transfer aluminum fittings to new stem 5.00

Push Pull connections installed Meerschaum pipes 15.00

Calabash Meerschaum Bowls New Cup fitted 45.00 to 95.00
(Reline Calabash replace cork 15.00)

For other repairs or questions call Dave

If you want a price quote before repairs call

I can restem Dr. Grabow pipes!

All pipes are repaired at owners risk. Briar and meerschaum pipes are fragile and can have flaws and cracks not visible and become brittle with age. I use great care in my work. But I will not be held responsible for pipes damaged during repairs additional breakage of shanks or cracks are repaired at the owners expense.

It is your responsibility to insure pipes sent in by mail for repair. I am not responsible for pipes lost or damaged in the mail.and if you want insurance on your pipes returned to you its your responsibility to request it and it will be added to your return shipping.

Briar Pipe Repairs

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I have over 30 years experience repairing tobacco smoking pipes since 1986. I have repaired pipes for tobacco shops big and small for years around indiana and I take pride in my work I fix it right or I wont fix it.

Feel free to contact me with any questions you might have concerning the repair of you pipe, or any other questions. You can use the contact form on the contact us page for...
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